Albums & EPs

Landed on Wrong Planet Spacedock Records 2020
Defected Reactor EP Spacedock Records 2015
Amphibians On Spacedock Suntrip Records 2014
Unvisited Galaxies EP Spacedock Records 2012
Dancing with the Blue Spirit Dimensional Records 2011
From Other Spaces Suntrip Records 2007
Goasia Psychedelic Records 2007
Goasia vs Omegahertz - Purple Energy 2 Unicorn Music 2006





Psychedelic Instincts vol.1 (by FNX) Spectral Illusions Records 2020
Goa Trance Legacy vol.4 (by Kanc Cover) Spacedock Records 2018
Shambhala (by DJ Adept) Global Sect Music 2018
Goa Files volume 1 - compiled by DJ SETIDAT Code Vision Records 2017
Goa Trance Legacy vol.2 (by DJ Oktoman) Spacedock Records 2017
Svemirski Hod Neogoa Records 2016
Goa Trance Legacy vol.1 (by DJ Inê) Spacedock Records 2015
Goa Trance Revolution Goa Trance Records 2013
Winter Solstice Soundmute Recordings 2012
Space Of Power
The Legend About Great Existence Of The Universe
Global Sect Music 2012
Planet Riders Dimensional Records 2011
Pure Planet 4 Dimensional Records 2010
Mahamaya - 5 Years compilation iT Records 2009
Artificial Sun Phototropic Records 2009
DJ Anoebis - Suntrip Records Warming Freeze Freeze Magazine 2008
Goa Times - Now and Then Shivlink Records 2008
Perfect Goa & Psy RMG Records
Tranceport Recordings
Perfect Chill Out 3 RMG Records
Tranceport Recordings
The Golden Vibes 2 Old Is Gold 2007
Peace Therapy vol. 2 Kagdila Records 2006
Chill On Ice (Second Edition) Cosmicleaf Records 2006
Loud Frequency 2 U.S.T.A. 2005
Fragile Life Cosmicleaf Records 2005
Apsara Suntrip Records 2005
Pure Planet Kagdila Records 2004
Chill On Ice
A Warm Sound Environment for the Cold Winter Moments
Cosmicleaf Records 2004